DIY Infused Olive Oils


One of my biggest problems with healthy cooking is that things lack FLAVOR.  With DIY Infused Olive Oils, you can add a bit of zest and spice to your favorite dishes.  I am going to try this with pasta and salad dressings! I think a lemon-chili infused oil would be lovely!


Ice Cubes for health!


I always get bored of water but find that sodas are too sugary and don’t fit in with my diet.  Everything Fabulous has the perfect solution though: flavored ice cubes!  She tried it with strawberries but I think you could try this idea with blueberries, raspberries, peaches, everything!  I think this is a great idea to have with a lime wedge and soda.  If your feeling naughty add a splash of vodka 😉