Bigger bed = better for couples?


As part of us getting engaged, I’ve decided to make the home the perfect nest for our future.  Part of my search has included buying a house.  Check! We’ve done that.  Dale and I have our dream house, but we still need to decorate it to fit our dream.  I’ve gotten into the spring cleaning – ahem, starting with cleaning my mattress, the most integral furniture piece to maintain for a healthy and lively marriage – and you know why I mean that 😉

So now I am on the search for a new king size comforter! We had a queen size comforter but we have decided that part of going forward in the world as a married couple involves having a bigger and more awesome bed.  So a king size bed and king size comforter it is!  It’s funny how we have moved up in the years – I remember in college snuggling up under a tiny full size comforter, barely having room for each of us.  He says that over the years I’ve become a bed hog…imagine that!  So as promised to my future husband,  I am on the search for a king size mattress and king size comforter.


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