Is memory foam better for couples?


The fiance and I have been having sleep troubles.  He snores while I toss and turn throughout the night.  Rather than suffering while we sleep, the fiance and I have decided to try out a new memory foam mattress.  Sleeping together may sound romantic, but as any couple knows, it’s not romantic to wake up tired and groggy. Dale and I are hoping our new mattress will change the way we sleep, so we DON’T have to think about getting separate bedrooms.  Follow the jump to learn more about memory foam and why we are switching.

Why memory foam?

Since hitting the market in the last few decades, memory foam has changed the way couples sleep.  Using advanced sleep technology, the memory foam mattress is the best way to guarantee a great night’s sleep – for each person in the bedroom.  Memory foam uses viscoelastic foam (“memory” foam) that responds to pressure and temperature.  As the body moves throughout the night, the memory foam mattress responds by shaping to the contours of the body.  The body is thus better supported for a great night’s sleep.

The beauty of memory foam is that it also is shock absorbent.  While I toss and turn in the night, Dale can sleep peacefully without feeling my movements.  The memory foam mattress is absorbent of movement, assuring each person has a great night’s sleep.

A memory foam mattress is a great way to combat snoring.  With a more relaxed, deeper sleep, sleepers often find that they snore less, as they have a more restful sleep.  With me moving less, and Dale snoring less, I am sure that Dale and I are to resolve our sleeping issues.

So begins our search for a memory foam mattress! Expect reviews and more posts to come.  Thank you for reading!


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